BizFilings Reviews 2024: Pros and Cons, Pricing, Best Alternatives

BizFilings Reviews

Looking out to get your business started on your own? Why doing that when someone, a specialized LLC formation service, can do that for you handling the entire process? Forming a brand-new business could be a nightmare and give you nervous breakdown if even you all the ins and outs of forming a business. How? This is because a business cannot be handled individually – you need to buy business formation services from famous companies and BizFilings is one of them. Today, in our broad BizFilings Reviews, we will discuss what it is, what it can do for your business and why it should be your preferred choice as far as other LLC formation companies are taken into account.

Originated in 1996, BizFilings is a soft spot for all entrepreneurs, small business and anyone who sees as business formation as their dream come true. It is no surprise that they are the innovators of the online incorporation space. They became part of CT, the leader in corporate compliance, in 2002. BizFilings make sure that business or law firms get to easily bring about their business and legal compliance responsibilities. They are more experienced than you could ever imagine – with 125 years of experience, managing your business will be a breeze for them.

What does BizFilings do?

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Don’t have any knowledge that BizFilings can do for you? Well, BizFilings helps people to start their business. No matter what business entity you are planning to get started with, BizFilings has you back. BizFilings boosts your confidence by allowing you to form an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, Non-profit, or DBA. Even if you want to get a registered agent, it has got the choice you can get.

Irrespective of which state you are based in, BizFilings covers all 51 jurisdictions of the U.S. Don’t know if LP or LLP is the right choice for your business? Try their Incorporation Wizard and go through a simple yet effective walk-through to get the ins and outs of the same. BizFilings guarantees that you will get your business incorporated in next to no time and you will also receive free interactive tools to complete your industry journey.

BizFilings Reviews 2019: Is it best for LLC Formation?

Is BizFilings the best fit to form an LLC or Corporation? These is the questions we get asked a lot from our users. The short answer is – ‘Yes’! However, for a detailed synopsis, you will need to stay with us until the end of this comprehensive article. We will give you tons of reasons why BizFilings is the best LLC formation service for you. In addition to that, we will also give you a summary of the best alternatives available in the market.

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BizFilings Pros. and Cons.

BizFilings Pros

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To see further if it is worth your dollar, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of BizFilings:


  • Get a free registered agent for 6 months that comes packed with each package you buy from BizFilings with an intention to form an LLC. You need a registered agent in almost every scenario, therefore, it is a good feature to consider.
  • Afraid that someone might be spying on your confidential data? With Norton Security, the website is kept free of the malware and keep the data encrypted at all times. So, there is no danger that your information will be public.
  • Why do we get service to fulfill our needs from a company that is having experience than its competitors? This is because we rest assured that we are in good hands. BizFilings holds the expertise of more than 20 years and gets an A+ rating with BBB that makes it the most reliable and legitimate service to count upon.
  • BizFilings features an online tool called ‘BizComply’ which comes with a super convenient dashboard allowing you to take care of all of your significant filing dates so that you don’t ever miss out on special deadlines.
  • BizFilings charges you $99 for LLC formation, which is a better option if compared with LegalZoom that is priced at $149 for the same service.
  • There are a variety of interactive tools that come as a complement to skyrocket your business growth. You can search the availability of your business name with “Business Name Checker” and BizFilings also lets you run a free Wizard on your Business License to let you see what is required in that process.
  • Their customer services can be a godsend – they get the upper hands over their contenders as far as customer support is considered. Customer care representatives are very welcoming and effectively work on the process to get the upshot.


  • The services may be overpriced as BizFilings starts at $99 which is more than what IncFile is charging – $49 only.

BizFilings has helped over 500,000 businesses taking the best advantage of their businesses. The reviews of the verified users who ordered the services suggest that the services they received were up to the mark.

BizFilings Pricing Model – Comparison

To know how much BizFilings LLC cost will leave an impact on your dollars – all you need to do is select your state and choose the business type – entity – LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, LLP, LP or Non-profit.

BizFilings is there to fulfill the demands for your business, offering you three different packages – Basic, Standard, and Complete. No matter which package/ plan you choose, you will get the following services in every single plan:

Instance 1


This plan will help you form your business with the selected state in the order.


99+ state fee


In addition to Basic, this bundle will keep your business compliant.


229+ state fee


This suite will allow you to fulfill additional state and federal requirements to keep your business going.


359+ state fee

Tip: If you are considering buying the best value package – the complete package – you can save $115 and here’s how you can do that.

BizFilings – Customer Reviews, Ratings

There are some good reviews and some bad ones. There are many authorized websites that show how BizFilings performs like BBB and Yelp. What rings the bell here is that BizFilings LLC Formation Company does not get many reviews and ratings on the reviews’ websites.

BizFilings Rating Summary

  • BBB: 3.5 Rating based on 1 Review
  • Yelp: 4 Rating based on 4 Reviews
  • Trustpilot: 0 Reviews, 0 Ratings

So, in spite of being in the field for a long time, BizFilings is not getting the average rating and reviews like other LLC formation services. Therefore, to get the peace of mind, it is highly required that you read all of the reviews from top reviewing websites. Also, don’t forget to read what we have added below.

BizFilings Customer Reviews


I know Mr. Wyosnick for the past two years and it has been a pleasure working with him. It has been a caring, dedicated experience working with him. He has been the best defense attorney that you can trust upon, consistently getting the best outcome for their clients. I recommend BizFilings to anyone who is in need of a well-educated, strong, and a criminal defense attorney.


Ben S.

Top Positive Review (Most Helpful):


This is really simple: if you want to use a service that does not follow the incorporation rules or instructions this is the company for you. They talk about their services as a “Good Game”. Every person I dealt with was incompetent and did not address my concerns.


Chocoolate I.

Top Negative Review (Most Helpful):


Biz Filings Logo


The services and the navigation that comes with the BizFilings is easy to use. You won’t see any complexity while getting your business formed. Everything has been laid out in an easy-to-understand manner on the plans and pricing page where you can get to know what you will get in each package you buy.

BizFilings Alternatives – Best Options

What if BizFilings does not meet your expectations based on the pricing model? What if you are planning to get your LLC or Corporation formed through other BizFilings Reviews LLC Formation services? If you believe that BizFilings is way more expensive, we don’t force you to get the LLC formation service from it, rather, you can consider the following services.

Instance 1


Simple, fast and effective.


49 + State Fee

  • Starts at $49
  • Those who want to get their business formed with the best and affordable prices.

Get experienced professionals.


79 + State Fee

  • Starts at $79
  • Those who want to access legal forms, LLC filings, advice, and most important the experienced staff.

As you can see that BizFilings costs $99 to get started which is higher than the price of IncFile and LegalZoom.

Do you think there’s an alternative that can replace BizFilings in the first place?

Well, as a matter of fact, there is! And, not just one – there are many. The real question, here, is, which one meets all of your expectations in the first place because that’d be the perfect fit for your business or LLC formation?

We’ve already presented “IncFile” and “LegalZoom” as these two LLC-formation giants that we could get our attention to. But, that’s just half the story. Over and above, you should also pay heed to the “State Fee” that is charged in addition to the business formation.

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Ensure that you’re not going to be charged with a hidden fee or something and therefore, our recommendation, is that you should decide on a service that is completely transparent. If you neither liked IncFile nor LegalZoom, perhaps, the following ones will have your attention:

LegalZoom Reviewslegazoom vs rocketlawyerIncFile

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We recommend BizFilings if:

You are looking forward to forming your LLC, Corporation (C-Corp, S-Corp), Non-profit, LP or LLP, BizFilings is the perfect match for your business needs and fit right into your budget. Not only that, with it, you can file DBA. Insofar the Register Agent is considered, you get that free for the first 6 months. Additionally, if you are about to change the Agent, BizFilings Review will pay the fee that is required to change the state.

Bottom Line:

BizFilings reviews cover almost everything in their packages. They recommend the ‘Complete’ as the ‘Best Value’, however, you should only go with the one that matches your business requirements. It has helped more than 500,000 clients build up their businesses to boost their confidence and upgrade the overall growth. Customer support is exceptional and you won’t see any glitch, not to mention the website which is fully secured by Norton Web Security.

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