How to Form an LLC in Alabama – Starting an LLC in Alabama

How to Form an LLC in Alabama

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Forming an LLC in Alabama could be a pain in the neck, especially when you have no idea about the whereabouts of the best service located in Alabama. But, you won’t need to feel lost since we are here to guide you through a step-wise line of attack that will keep you out of the woods. 

Form an LLC in Alabama (5 Steps)

Step 1: Name Your LLC in Alabama

form an llc in alabama

Naming Guidelines:

  • Your business or company name must include “LLC” or “L.L.C.” or its full form – “Limited Liability Company”.
  • Your company name cannot include a word that confuses it with a government agency, for example, FBI, State Department, or Treasury.
  • There are some restricted words and using them in your LLC name will require you to do additional paperwork and you will also need a licensed individual such as a lawyer or a doctor to be part of your LLC.


  • Are you sure that the name you want for your business is available? Yes, you have to be sure of the availability of your LLC name. To do so, do a name search on the state’s website.

Name Reservation:

  • Reserving the name is the next thing you will need to do by request it either online or by mail. This needs to be done with the Alabama Secretary of the state. If you are doing this online, you need to pay $28 and if you wish to do it by mail, then you will be required to pay $10.

 Online Presence:

  • Branding is an important factor in the success of a business nowadays. Therefore, you should also run a search on whether a website domain for your LLC name is available or not. Can you imagine someone using an exact URL of your business name? No, you can’t!

Professional Email

  • We know buying a website domain is a big deal but it is not everything, you will also need to buy a professional email service that matches with your LLC name, for example,


What is an LLC?

Will I need to get a DBA or Trade Name for my LLC?

Step 2: Get a Registered Agent in Alabama

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Getting a Registered Agent in your state i.e. Alabama is the next thing you are highly recommended to do because most of the businesses need a Registered Agent to get going.


What is a Registered Agent?

Who can be a Registered Agent?

Can I become a Registered Agent of my own?

Step 3: File Certificate of Formation

Certificate of Formation

For the LLC registration, you will be meant to file the Certificate of Formation being in line with the state of Alabama. You can file the certificate either online or by mail.What is more, decide whether you want a member-managed LLC or a manager-managed LLC. If you wish to know the difference between the two, please read out FAQs.

How to File the Certificate of LLC Formation?

Looking forward to filing a certification of your business or LLC? Below is the easy-to-follow guide that will give you the satisfaction you crave.

Secretary of state Alabama Online

While filing the certificate online, you will be needed to choose “Non-Subscriber”. There you can fill out the asked details to file the certificate.

By Mail

If you are not interested in filing the certificate online, choose the second option. Yes, you can also consider filing the certification of formation of your LLC by mail or How to form an LLC in Alabama.

To file the certificate the formation, you must mail the following to the office of Judge of Probate in the country of your Registered Agent:

  • You will need to mail one (1) signed certificate of formation (original)
  • You will need to mail $100 check payable to the secretary of State.
  • You will need to mail two (2) complete copies

The fee may vary depending upon the state or country. For more information, please reach out to the local probate office to know more.


You should not mail the above-mentioned documents directly to the Secretary of State. Reach out to the Probate Office and they will do it for you on your behalf.


What is the difference between Member-managed and Manager-managed?

What is the State Filing Cost?

What is the processing time?

Step 4: Set up an Operating Agreement

 Operating Agreement

Though creating an Operating Agreement is not obligatory in Alabama State, we suggest that you do it.

What does the Operating Agreement do?

It is a legal document and what it does is that it summaries the ownership and the operating procedure of your business or LLC.

Why should I consider the Operating Agreement?

This is really important in your business formation, especially while setting up the Operating Agreement as it reduces the risk of future conflicts. It outlines that all of the business owners are thinking in the same manner or are in the same agreement.


Do I need to file an Operating Agreement in the state?

Step 5: Getting an EIN

get an ein

Next, what you are supposed to do is acquire an EIN which stands for Employer Identification Number. This is used for the identity of your business and also known as the Federal Tax Identity Number. You must be thinking about why we are encouraging you to get an EIN for your LLC, aren’t you? Well, here is the answer.

Why does a business need an EIN? 

With EIN, you can do the following:

•Open business for your company

•Use it for State tax and federal purposes

•It will be useful while hiring employees for the company

Where will I get an EIN?

Getting an EIN for your business is a piece of cake. You will need to get it from the International Revenue Service (IRS) and the good news is that you don’t have to pay anything for that.

Step-wise method of getting an EIN:

There are two ways to get an EIN for your business in Alabama: Online and my Mail or Fax.

By Mail OR Fax

If you grabbing an EIN for your LLC in Alabama is not your kind of thing, perhaps, you would like doing it by Mail or Fax. Here is how you can do that:

Having filled out the form, it needs to be sent to the following mailing address or fax it:

Alabama registered agent privilege tax Mailing Address:

Internal Revenue Service

Attn: EIN Operation

Cincinnati, OH 45999


(855) 641-6935


I need an EIN, but I don’t have an SSN. What to do?

What structure do I need to choose for my LLC?

Keeping Your LLC Compliant

In the end-to-end process of forming your LLC in Alabama, it is also important to understand whether or not your company is complying with the business permits and licenses and other rules and regulations of the state.

Will I need Business License and Permits?

Forming an LLC in Alabama is a good choice if you are interested, however, make sure that your LLC is along the lines of Federal, Local Government and State regulations.

The licenses and permits are likely to be different from state to state. So, be mindful of what permits and licenses you to need in accordance with the state law. We don’t want you to come unglued and therefore suggest you consult the professional service in this regard.

  • Local: For local licenses and permits, please contact a local clerk and learn more about it.
  • State: We recommend that you check out the “Licensing Section” of the Alabama state to know more.
  • Federal: If you are on the lookout for the federal licensing and permits, please read a thorough guide on S. SBA.

Tax Prerequisites for LLC in Alabama

Are there any Tax requirements in the Alabama state? If so, what are they? You might be in need of registering for one or more forms of state tax and this may differ depending on what type of business you have in Alabama. For the registration, you can log on to the official website of the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Here’s a quick review of the Taxes you are likely to register for:

  • Sales Tax: If your business is about the selling of physical products, the registration for a seller’s permit will be required for your LLC in Alabama. With the help of the certificate, the businesses can gather sales tax on taxable sales.
  • Employer Taxes: Also, registration for “Unemployment Insurance Tax” will also be there if you are having employees in Alabama State. You can do the registration for the tax through the Labor Department of the Alabama State. Moreover, you will be required to sign up for the “Employee Withholding Tax” that is easily possible through the website of ADR and forming an llc in Alabama.

Federal Tax Requirements for Alabama LLC

This one is about “Federal Tax” which we discussed earlier briefly. Most of the LLCs written report of the income to the IRS every year using the following:

Form 1065 Partnership Return: Most of the people running a multi-member LLC make use of this form.

Form 1040 Schedule C: People running a single-member LLC prefer using this form.

Business Privilege License in Alabama

No matter type of the business, it is obligatory for each business to buy an annual license for doing business in Alabama State. In other words, if you have an Alabama Business Privilege, you are good to go. You can purchase this license from a Local County Probate Judge.

Not sure where you can have a list of all Probate Judges? We have you covered! Get the business Privilege License by checking out the list of Probate Judges below by browsing the physical and mailing address of each one:

Fee: The fee (Nonrefundable) for a Probate Judge may differ depending on the population.

Business Privilege Tax in Alabama

All businesses in Alabama, it is mandatory to submit a PPT form or privilege tax form before the third week of April every year. This is required for the pass-through of entities. This tax will be between 0.00025% - 0.00175% of the net worth of your business – LLC. The minimum amount for the Tax of Business Privilege is $100 and the rate of tax is determined by the income of your LLC during the last taxable year.

How to File Alabama Business Privilege Tax?

You can file the tax by mail straightforwardly via the website of Alabama Department of Revenue (ADR). Please get the PDF of the form and don’t forget to follow the instructions on how you can do that.

What is the Fee?

Based on the LLC’s income, it could be $100 or maybe more.

Where can I get the Instructions?

The ADR provides the LLCs with the step-by-step instructions on how they can file the tax. Follow the instructions below:

Avoiding Automatic Termination

Do you want to avoid all types of fines and run your LLC as smoothly as possible? Get rid of the fear of your LLC termination by being up-to-the-minute of the state filings. Get a registered agent to get reports submitted on your behalf and never miss out on any deadline of upcoming filings.

  • We recommend that you can use IncFile for getting a Registered Agent free for the first year.


Which service should I follow to have all my requirements met?

What is the Minimum wage in Alabama?

How frequently do I need to pay my employees?

Getting Professional Accounting for LLC:

Having a professional account for your Business is as important as hiring employees. Therefore, it is important that you get a well-managed accounting system to handle the books for your LLC because you don’t want to run into future problems even if you haven’t officially opened for the business yet. The professional accounting service will be helpful for your LLC.

With it, you can:

  • Keep track of your Income, Expenses, Bills, Finances and a lot more
  • Make your annual tax filings as easy as possibleFor this service, you need software that matches your needs. Therefore, it is also crucial that the software you choose has the features that meet your requirements.You should look for a software that:
  • You can access anytime, from anywhere•Can help you match the purchase orders, bills or transactions•Works in synchronisation with your bank automatically

Which Accounting service should I choose?

There are two professional services that we recommend you to choose from for making your tax filing, accounting, bookkeeping, etc., easier:

Bottom Line on Start an LLC in Alabama

Starting an LLC in Alabama could be a bane of your existence, especially when you don’t have any idea about the ins and outs of the formation guide. That’s why we decided to help you with a step-by-step guide on “How to Start an LLC in Alabama?” so that you don’t get any interruptions in the endways procedure, from formation to make sure that you will be running your business smoothly.

We’ve collected some best local resources in major metro areas of Alabama so that you can easily get the free assistance for your business or LLC.

Auburn | Dothan | Birmingham | Mobile | Huntsville | Tuscaloosa | Montgomery

Need to start an LLC in another State?

Did you jump to this article by mistake? Looking forward to forming an LLC in another state of America? We can help you start your LLC in any state of America. Take a glance at the state-wise LLC formation through the links attached to this wide-ranging article.

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