LegalZoom Reviews 2024: Prices, Complaints, Best Alternatives

LegalZoom Reviews

Willing to start a business with no knowledge of legal document filing? It may not be as easy as it appears. You might get into serious problems if you don’t consider hiring an agent or reach out to a best-in-class company to do the work for you, and, when you consider getting a grip, it might be too late for that.

Earlier, creating or managing legal documents used to be a pain in the neck, but ever since the LegalZoom evolved, it has become a child’s play to keep track of your business entities in one place. Now, there are no more hiccups in the business forming process that you need to be stressed about.

There are various websites that show that LegalZoom is not much of a good deal to consider when forming an LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp. But, in this unbiased article, we will help you figure out the pros and cons of it so that you don’t have to make a blunder by choosing LegalZoom as your legal document advisor.

What Does Legalzoom Do?

legalzoom s incfile

LegalZoom is an online legal service provider that is internationally renowned as an “All-in-one” place for all your business needs. So far it has provided guidance more than 4 million clients with its excellent service.

From handling forms and legal files to access all of your documents online. The legal plan attorneys at LegalZoom will make it worth your while – you will never regret working with them.

There is a large number of reasons why you would want to form an LLC or Corporation through LegalZoom and we are listing some of them in this all-inclusive article for your comfort.

About LegalZoom:

Founded on March 12, 2001, LegalZoom is an online legal document assistance service designed to help its customers with their business or LLC formation without having to hire a lawyer. It was founded by Brian S. Lee and is headquartered in Glendale, California, US. The LegalZoom isn’t just limited to business formation, you would also find it very useful while getting assistance with other legal document services, such as DBAs, Trusts, Patents, Power of Attorney, Wills, and so on.

LegalZoom’s primary target are those who are from middle-class families or those who are willing to run small-sized business or company. According to the latest report, more than 1080 people are currently working at this company and the overall revenue of the company is $200 million. To find out more fascinating details about LegalZoom, please jump to this page.

Legalzoom Reviews 2019: Is it really worth it?

Though LegalZoom offers dozens of services for both small and the best-run businesses, you have got to be aware of the plan you will be picking because you don’t want to pay for something you don’t even need in your business.

With millions of consumers from around the world, the experience that LegalZoom possesses in the field of LLC formation, it comes at the top of the list of the best LLC service providers in the USA.

Legalzoom – Pros. and Cons.

LegalZoom Pros

legalzoom s incfile


  • Among other LLC formation companies, LegalZoom is the only company that is more experienced in the formation of LLC or Corporation (if compared to IncFile). You cannot find an LLC formation company with more branding power than LegalZoom. Don’t believe us? Visit their website and see for yourself.
  • Another big advantage that LegalZoom has over other competitors is that it provides the 100% satisfaction to the interested consumers on money back. The money-back-guarantee is applicable if you are doing it within the time period of 30 days of purchase.
  • Do you want to make a search on the availability of your business name on without having to become a customer whatsoever? They got you covered – you can search whether your business name is available on LegalZoom for free of cost.
  • Keeping your business apart from others is one of the best things LegalZoom has to offer for your LLC formation and this is why you need customer support to discuss. LegalZoom makes it stress-free for you reach out to them because their services are run until 10 PM ET when it comes to weekdays, and on weekends, they serve their customers until 7 PM ET. Not every company provides such extraordinary services.
  • Apart from LLC formation, there are other services that make LegalZoom stand out from the crowd and annual report filing is one of that.


  • LegalZoom jaw-dropping pricing is what should be an eye-opening question for the people who are going to buy an LLC service from it. Taking account of their cheapest “Economy”, you will be charged a total of $149 excluding the State Fees (you will need to pay the state fee separately).
  • While if you consider buying the Silver package from IncFile, the amount will be undercut by $100 which is also going to include the free service of the registered agent for first free.•Like the “Economy” package of LegalZoom, its other plans also break the bank of the customers who are looking forward to getting their business incorporated.

LegalZoom 2019 Pricing Compared

Whether you want to form an LLC or Corporation or you need to inquire about the Will Price or Trademark Registration Price, LegalZoom has got three Packages to fit your business needs – Economy, Standard, and Express Gold.

Economy Standard Express Gold
$79.00+state filing fees $329.00+state filing fees $349.00+state filing fees

Though the LegalZoom says that Express Gold is the Best Value, being mindful of each Plan before choosing the one is always a good idea to get the best of what LegalZoom is offering you. Also, with each plan, you will need to pay an additional for state filing.

Legalzoom 2019: Reviews & Ratings

Just one single LegalZoom review cannot help you determine whether or not LegalZoom is a good option for the LLC formation services. You have to go deeper to understand how people have been satisfied with its services and what made customers get rid of it.


Blake has been a great help to me and answering all of my questions professionally and intellectually. I got the service that I was on the lookout for, courtesy of LegalZoom. I didn’t need to hire an agent because I was facilitated for the same by LegalZoom.



Top Positive Review (Most Helpful):


It is all good that I paid for to LegalZoom, except one thing – they did not present me with good customer service as when I called a representative of theirs, my issues, instead of being resolved, were put on hold for a long time. They have been good to me other than customer services.” – Patricia



Top Negative Review (Most Helpful):

Legalzoom 2019: Best alternatives

What if you don’t get yourself satisfied with the services that LegalZoom has to offer? Would you not check out its best alternatives available in the market today? We believe that you certainly want to try them out.

In our previous article, we discussed “IncFile Reviews” which could be a way for you to satisfy yourself based on your requirements and the packages company is offering and finally file legal documents with the assistance of the company.

If you think that both LegalZoom and IncFile play an important role in forming an LLC or Corporation, we would like to shed light on the “Comparison between IncFile and LegalZoom” so that you can easily get to figure out which one is the best LLC formation service is for you and why you will be needing one based on your budget.


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If you are neither interested in IncFile nor in LegalZoom, perhaps, you’d find yourself content after being familiar with the following services:

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legalzoom s incfile

Who is Legalzoom Ideal for?

Getting your business formed will be bread and butter for LegalZoom for they have professionals holding the expertise of more than 19 years. As a matter of fact, they have been in the field since 2001. Having used LegalZoom, we have found that whether it is business that you need to get started with, or you want to protect your family or corporation, LegalZoom is the perfect fit for your business needs.

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