Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom: Which one is better?

Rocketlawyer vs Legalzoom

Running a smooth business could be a daunting task especially when you have to manipulate various business activities. And, undoubtedly, choosing the right LLC service provider is one of the concerning questions any business owner might have to ask while forming an LLC for their business.

aIt could be hard to decide between IncFile and LegalZoom when you have no familiarity of the ins and outs of IncFile and LegalZoom, but with this super-easy guide on “IncFile vs LegalZoom”, selecting the best legal LLC provider for your industry will be stress-free.

Skipping the ‘legalese’ is not a good option with an intention to run the business as smoothly as possible. That’s why we are breaking down some advantages in this comprehensive article so that you don’t have to scratch your head comparing both of the service providers for your business needs.

We don’t want you to be doubtful whatsoever so that while picking the right LLC service, you could be fully confident that you are doing the right thing. So, let’s first figure out what IncFile and LegalZoom are really about.

What is IncFile?

infile vs legalzoom

IncFile is considered to be one of the cheapest services that provide business owners with assistance for forming the business entities via document filing services. The IncFile is trusted by more than 250,000 businesses around the world since 2004. If you have not even get started yet, IncFile is something you would like to good to go with. Why? See it in the detailed comparison below. Whether you are running or considering running a Limited Liability Company, a Non-profit Company, Corporation, or S Corporation, the IncFile is the perfect choice for you to make.

What is Legalzoom?

legalzoom s incfile

LegalZoom is a Legal Document Assistant Service that can help every business boost their growth without even hiring a Lawyer. Though LegalZoom helps the business grow just like IncFile, however, there are advantages and disadvantages that you need to pay heed to. According to the Huffington Post, LegalZoom is a place where you will get the top legal documents services without having to pay top dollar. In addition to that, there is a lot that Forbes and the Wall Street Journal talk about it.

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The best thing about the online legal services is that you don’t have to hire an attorney for handling the business processes. So, before diving into deep having the comparison over IncFile and LegalZoom, let’s first take a brief look at “IncFile vs LegalZoom”

LegalZoom is a Legal Document Assistant Service that can help every business boost their growth without even hiring a Lawyer. Though LegalZoom helps the business grow just like IncFile, however, there are advantages and disadvantages that you need to pay heed to. According to the Huffington Post, LegalZoom is a place where you will get the top legal documents services without having to pay top dollar. In addition to that, there is a lot that Forbes and the Wall Street Journal talk about it.


The best thing about the online legal services is that you don’t have to hire an attorney for handling the business processes. So, before diving into deep having the comparison over IncFile and LegalZoom, let’s first take a brief look at “IncFile vs LegalZoom”

In a hurry?

Here’s the Summary

Some services provided by both of these are common whilst others are not. But, rest assured because, after the end of this post, you will be fully aware of which service is the best LLC service for your business and definitely you would want to go with the one that fits both your monetary aspects and most important your business needs.

What do you get? IncFile LegalZoom
Can you form a new Business? YES NO
Can you prepare file tax returns No Yes
Can the Trademark, Copyright, Patent be filed? No Yes
Can you speak to the Attorney? No Yes
Availability of Business Compliance? Yes Yes
Can you make custom Legal Forms? No Yes

Before getting to know each LLC service provider so as to form an LLC, we highly suggest you know the similarities that these IncFile and LegalZoom have in common. This will help you get your head around the services that you will get in both IncFile and LegalZoom.

Features that IncFile and LegalZoom have in Common

Reasonably Priced

If you want to form an LLC without running out of all of your money – saving a significant amount of money – both IncFile and LegalZoom can help you in that area, however, for an in-depth compaction, you would definitely like to consider checking out the evaluation we have broken down in the forthcoming paragraphs. Though you won’t break the bank choosing one of these two LLC formation companies,


Do you want to keep your data as safe as possible or protect it from getting into the hands of hackers or protect it from being caught by malware? Buying LLC services from both of these will achieve the same as there have been no issues while keeping a record of the data to these companies.


When it comes to knowing which of these two LLC formation companies is having a great track record, both have been in the good run for a long time. Based on the user reviews and ratings, both can be a good option for your business. However, people who are just starting out prefer the IncFile to LegalZoom. Insofar the experience matters.

Reviews and Ratings

 In accordance with the ratings and reviews left by the customers, we can easily see that they have been happy with the services or features provided by IncFile and LegalZoom. Though the features provided by both of the services provides slightly differ, it is always a good idea to see yourself what could be the best fit for you to consider.

Client Support

Need to ask anything with regard to your business entities or how each of these LLC companies will be administering your legal documents? They got you covered! They have got professional representatives that will help you feel like home in case you have any questions regarding the LLC formation or something else akin to that.

IncFile vs LegalZoom – Pros. and Cons.

Incfile Pros & Cons

infile vs legalzoom


  • Value for Money: Nobody is going to provide you with better services within the short pricing model than IncFile. If IncFile is what you prefer buying an LLC from, you will need to pay as low as $49+State Fee, plus you get a registered agent for the first year (however, after that, it will be $119). You are going to save immense numbers of dollars straight away if you decide to go with IncFile. So, choosing IncFile over other competitors will not make you ruin your money, rather as you buy it, you will think of it as a go-to for your business entities.
  • Unlimited Support: The professionals at IncFile offer a great deal of unlimited phone/email support which will keep you at easy to get your business incorporated.
  • No hidden Fee: Everything that comes with IncFile is as easy as it could get and therefore, you will get a straightforward approach while finalizing your payment for the LLC service purchase for your business Non-profit businesses or LLC or S-Corporation. We found that people choosing IncFile do not get frustrated because there is transparency in the checkout process.
  •  No Contract: You are not going to be bound to sign any Contract while forming an LLC using IncFile. They are completely open to your business needs and never keep the clients in dark.
  • Real-time Tracking Tool: IncFile presents a real-time tracking tool that will allow you to see what goes on with your final documentation – you will beyond any doubt.
  • Ease of Use: The navigation and the dashboard that IncFile offers is super user-friendly. It will be very easy to go through the important documents at any time because of the simple and clear design of the interface provided.
  • Processing Time: When it comes to processing your order, IncFile will take no longer than the next business days (based on basic tier) as compared to other LLC formation companies. So, it is huge yes for the quick response that you will get by selecting IncFile.
  • Annual Compliance: You may get the annual compliance free for around 1 or two months in case of other companies, but with IncFile, your convenience and needs will be taken into account for sure. In this regard, you will get the free lifetime company alerts (basic tier) on behalf of IncFile
  • .Consultation Fee: If you have any doubt about the service that you will be offered, you can easily request a free 1-hour consultation (part of basic tier plan) and Experts at IncFile will undoubtedly make your day.
  • Web Domain/Hosting: When it comes to branding your business, the IncFile takes the responsibility to help you do that for you. However, you will need to pay $199 + $20 hosting fee per year and that will be provided by Snapweb to you.


  • 1. Unlike LegalZoom, you don’t have an option for filing a Patent, Trademark or Copyright. In other words, you will be missing out on intellectual properly filings if IncFile is what you consider to buy in the long run.
  • 2. What if you need to make a request for the questionnaire submission that is enforceable in court and customer in accordance to what your business requires? In this approach, you don’t get to make Custom Legal Forms if you do the selection for IncFile. This could be required for the small business owners.
  • 3. For your business needs, you might also need to speak to your attorneys. This is where IncFile lacks – it does not have the facility for reaching out to Attorneys.

LegalZoom Pros & Cons

legalzoom s incfile


  • Satisfaction Guarantee: In the end, the satisfaction is all we crave for. As long as we are satisfied with the service, we are pretty much contented. That’s why LegalZoom has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Reputable: Founded in 2001, the LegalZoom has been in the game for the last 18 years. More than 3.6 million clients have banked upon LegalZoom for their outstanding services at a reasonable price. So, it is always a good idea to listen be part of the team who has been in the game for a long time and looks forward to being in one in the long run.
  • Experts: By choosing LegalZoom, you will be able to meet the renowned experts and you will be helped in the long run. A wide range of issues pertaining to both business and personal law shall be covered in different tiers of presented by the LegalZoom.
  • Straightforward: Have you been speaking to the people who keep you confusing instead of keeping you well-informed or instructed? Perhaps, you have been relying on some untrusted or unworthy services in the past. With LegalZoom, you no longer have to be confusing because people at LegalZoom speak the plain/simple language.
  • Security: Though most of the LLC service provides use HTTPS for an encrypted web connection, utilization of Norton is what it sets it apart from other competitors. Yes, LegalZoom protects your confidential information by using DigiCert security services.


  • Expensive: If you consider forming an LLC, C Corp. or S Corporation using LegalZoom, you will have to pay the increased amount of money as you would when you considered IncFile. To get started, the fee to be submitted is $79 which does not include the state filing fee and this fee could increase based on the plan you are willing to purchase.
  • One-time Legal Help: What if you have to make use of certain services like document review? Well, in that case, you will need to sign up for the monthly legal plan. You are unlikely to have it on a one-time basis.
  • Customer Service: Having read reviews of the verified buyers, we have concluded that LegalZoom could be a good option for the formation of your LLC but not the best one. Why not? This is because we have seen several clients complaining about the quality of client services offered by LegalZoom.
  • Mixed Reviews: If we talk about the reviews and ratings that LegalZoom gets online, we would not be amazed that it gets both positive and negative feedback. So, it could be a contra because people do not have the clarity in terms of what they should go with in the end.
  • Quickness: To have the upper hands over our competitors, sometimes, you need to be as quickly as possible or you may have to run out of the chance you have got. If you are concerned about speed, LegalZoom may not be a good option as compared to IncFile. Irrespective of the plan you have purchased, you will get the business formation filings done by the next business days as compared to LegalZoom which requires you to pay an extra fee for the faster filing and usually, their processing time is 20 to 35 business days.

Price Comparison

So, based on “IncFile vs LegalZoom”, what do you think is the price for forming an LLC in different states of United States of America (USA)? It is important for you to know how much you are going to be charged with in case of both IncFile and LegalZoom based on your requirements or as per the plan.

We have shared with you an in-depth analysis of the breakdown of Pricing or costs for the services that you will be getting from each LLC service provider. Check out what the IncFile pricing and LegalZoom pricing say yourself below:

Forming a new business:

When it comes to forming a new business, IncFile starts at $49 and ranges to $299 based on different plans. As far as LegalZoom is concerned, it ranges from $149 to $369 and an extra state fee is also added.

Registered Agent:

If you would like to get a registered agent service, IncFile could be a place for you because this service is free of cost for the 1st year and after that, you will have to pay $119 after that, whereas, for LegalZoom, you will be charged $159 per year.

Filling Annual Report: 

Filling an annual report with IncFile will cost you $88 excluding the state fee and with LegalZoom, it will be $55.

Filing Patent Application:

If you are looking for the filing of the patent application, this is something you won’t find in IncFile, but, gladly, you will be offered this service at the price of $199 plus the government fee.

Creating custom legal forms: Similar to the above-mentioned point, this one is also not available in IncFile. However, you can make the most out of this service by opting for LegalZoom for which you will be in need of paying $7.95 monthly or $59 perform.

Filing tax returns: This one is where IncFile has got the upper hands over LegalZoom because this filing tax returns is only available in IncFile and not in LegalZoom. You can get this feature in IncFile by paying $599 for business and $299 for a personal plan.

Monthly legal plan:

Customers who are on the lookout for a monthly legal plan won’t get the same in IncFile, while LegalZoom provides the service to enjoy the same. To make the most out of this, you can consider paying $31.25 monthly.

Forming an LLC is not all you will get no matter whether you decide to buy it from IncFile or LegalZoom, there are other eye-catching features that will save your life for sure like you can track your Lifetime Company Alerts. The attorneys working at each company are professional and they have been in the field for a long time and that’s why they how to get things done.

We believe that you have got a clearer picture of the common similarities that they have in one another. Still, you have to be fully unquestionable on “IncFile vs LegalZoom” so that you don’t make a blunder before starting a business.

Whats More

IncFile vs LegalZoom: Which one is best for you?

We know that it is a big fat article about the ins and outs of both IncFile and LegalZoom, if you are still unsure about which is the best LLC service provider for forming an LLC or C Corp or S Corp, we have been much of help in this consideration.

We, for sure, can help you decide which LLC formation company helps you get the best out of your business in the first place.


infile vs legalzoom

  1. 1You are looking for a cheaper/affordable LLC formation company.
  2. 2You are looking for a cheaper/affordable LLC formation company.
  3. 3You are looking for a cheaper/affordable LLC formation company.
  4. 4  You are just getting started.
  5. 5You just want to incorporate your business.
  6. 6You are not in need of regular legal help.
  7. 7You are on the lookout for compliance.


legalzoom s incfile

  1. 1Your business cannot run without regular legal help.
  2. 2  You are looking for experts who have been in the field for a long time.
  3. 3 You are looking towards customizing your business legal needs or creating legal forms.


Whether it is IncFile or LegalZoom, you are going to get quality services, however, you have to make sure of the services you get in return after you pay for any of the two. There are some services that are available in IncFile that make it worth considering for an LLC formation, especially the pricing. Speaking of LegalZoom, you might be looking for it because it has more branding power as compared to IncFile.

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