Swyft Filings Reviews: Pros and Cons, Pricing Model

Swyft Filings Reviews

Are you fed up looking up the company formation alternatives to fit in your budget? Try Swyft today and let them handle the work for your business. Swyft comes at the cheapest prices and helps you grow your business and handle the on-going process so that you can run your business as smoothly as you could. You will hardly get a better alternative to beat Swyft at the pricing model.

Swyft is operating in all 50 states. So no matter which state you live in, you will have Swyft in your state. Whether you are planning to run a small-sized company or you are planning to do something bigger, Swyft is going to help you be at ease – with their packages that fit in the budget of every business person.

Swyft has got every package you need to start your business with – basic, standard, and premium. In this wide-ranging article, we are going over the major differences, including the pros and cons. By the end of this article, you will have understood why Swyft is a better option for you to start a business – LLC, Corporation (S-Corp or C-Corp). If not, you will behold the best alternatives to try out.

What Does Swyft Filings Do?

Swyft Filings Reviews

Unlike other companies, Swyft can help you do an online name search for your business for free. At Swyft, you get all services in one place – LLC, Corporation, service of Registered Agent, DBA, EIN and a lot more to take your business to the next level. All of the agents/lawyers that you hire at Swyft work in line with the state laws and all of your documents are kept safe and secure so that they don’t get in the wrong hands.

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No more stress or confusion. Join personal customer support and be out of the woods. Talking to the experts at Swyft will make you feel the most satisfied person and all your questions will be answered in a most friendly manner. With the registered agent service, you are never going to miss any deadline for filing. Swyft will keep you informed on all deadlines, giving you an advanced system to skip all troubles.

Whether you’re enthusiastic towards running a small-sized company or you’ve decided to take to beyond – i.e. a mid-sized one or the one in the best run, you will need to bank upon a company that provides assistance in that area.

Yes, what we are referring to here is “Swyft Filings” that can be taken for granted as a front runner. If you get frightened when you even picturing the idea of legal paperwork in mind, don’t panic – you’re not alone!

You just need to focus on what you love and let the Swyft Filings do the paperwork for you. Even if you are not sure how you can get started but you have an idea about that, you can always speak to the friendly consultant and they’d be more than happy to guide you.

Swyft Filings – Pros. and Cons.

Swyft Filings Pros

Swyft Filings Reviews


  • We know that Swyft starts the basic plan for people like you at $49 which is considered as a package that is available to you to as the lowest price as possible – it is as inexpensive as it could get.
  • Another plus is the 100% satisfaction guarantee which you are unlikely to get with other LLC formation companies. You will get your money back in case you are not pleased with the services provided.
  • The feedback the Swyft is given by the verified customers includes fantastic positive reviews that are given based on service, cost-effectiveness, timing, best-fit, pricing and more.
  • Can’t pay your fee for the business form in one installment? For clients strapped with cash, Swyft is the best place because it helps the entrepreneurs to do the payments in two installments. No other companies do like that.
  • Need to consult experts about your start-up taxation? Get started with a stripped-down and the cheapest package and get a 30-minute business tax consultation and alerts that you will get a lifetime.


  • The only shortcoming we found in Swyft is that they do not offer a free agent service as a part of the available plans. If you really want to register an agent, you are going to be charged with an annual fee of $149. That’s something that rings the bell when you are exploring the cons of Swyft LLC formation service.

Swyft Filings Plans – Pricing Compared

Now, let’s discuss the pricing model of Swyft Filings to know if it is going to fit in your business budget or not.

  • Swyft allows you to take advantage of three convenient packages – basic (starts at $49), standards (starts at $149), and premium (starts at $299).
  • The features that you get in every single package differs based on the services you receive. Let’s dive into a little deeper to understand how each plan works:

Basic Plan Pricing = $49 + State Fee

  • You will get the business formation essentials, legal filings of articles. Swyft will do it all for you, from creating forms to filing them with the Secretary of state’s office.
  • You will be aware of the name that you intend to use as your business name is already in use by another business or not.
  • Unlimited customer support is what you will get in the basic plan. So, there are no more doubts that stay in your mind – get all of your questions answered with the best professionals available at Swyft.
  • Knowing how the business will be taxed is also important. Get a 30-minute tax consultation and know-how your bank accounts will be used in the entire process.
  • You will get your hands on a tool called “ComplianceGuard” that will allow you to keep track of all deadlines and you won’t ever miss out on any due date. You will also be able to access all of your documents there.
  • Branding is important these days, right? Yes, it is for sure! To get the most out of that, you will also receive a free domain (for one year). For the next year, you will be required to pay for that which is going to charge you around $20 or less.

Standard Plan Pricing = $149 + State Fee

  • You will get a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) which is a 9-digit code and works a Social Security Number. Using this, you can easily hire employees for your company, pay taxes, register for the business bank accounts and do more.
  • Need someone to draft the operating agreement of your LLC? Swyft makes sure that your LLC Operating Agreement is perfectly drafted. This document is very important and summaries the ownership structure of the company and what rules and regulations a company governs.
  • You will also get a “Banking Resolution” that will allow you to see if you are authorized to open a bank for your LLC or Corporation.

Premium Plan Pricing = $299 + State Fee

  • Get a “Digital Corporate Kit” – a digital form of a classic LLC kit and seal. This is the representation of your company and allows you to keep yourself up to date with the ownership transfers, stock certificates and a lot more.
  • In the standard, you only get a free domain for the first year. But this one? This one is really helpful when it comes to having all branding requirements met. You will get a business website and a hosting free for 3 months. After the 3-month trial is up, you will need to handle it on your own then.

Swyft Filings Reviews LLC Services 2019: Reviews & Ratings

Swyft Filings is well-noticeable and best known for the LLC formation service, proved by the reviews left by the verified customers on the reviews websites like ShoppersApproved and TrustPilot, Reddit.

Irrespective of the total reviews that major reviews websites receive for Swyft, the high average score of positivity is really surprising. Based on what verified clients, the services of Swyft could not get any better.

  • Shopper Approved: 4.5 stars out of 5 (based on 17,598 reviews)
  • TrustPilot: 9.0 stars out of 10 (based on 467 reviews)

We highly recommend that you take your moment and read the reviews of Swyft online so that you can see for yourself whether going with Swyft is an advanced option for you or not.


Thousands of clients depend upon Swyft Filings to make the best out of their business. Let’s see what the customers with verified orders are saying about Swyft:

They have been a great helpfully efficient and trustworthy to work with. Starting a new business has never been easier. I highly suggest all of the people who are looking to form their business with Swyft scam.


Alicia Thompson

Top Review (Most Helpful):


It was super easy to form an LLC with Swyft Scam and their representatives have been a huge help for me. And, pricing is inexpensive.


Eric Cumberbatch

Top  Review (Most Helpful):


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Is Swift Fillings Legit?

Based on Swyft Filings Reviews, it is apparent that Swyft Filings does not get complete 100% positive reviews, but whatever it gets is pretty much close to that number – that it gets a great average score on the whole. Just like we recommend how good it is forming a business (LLC or Corporation) via IncFile, we also highly suggest that you should try Swyft because it will cost you the same amount as IncFile does.

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