IncFile Reviews 2024: Is it best to form an LLC?

IncFile Reviews

Forming an LLC with the assistance of IncFile, a full-fledged service provider for its top-grade services, was one of the best decisions we made when we started out. They could not get any better – we got everything we were promised, from verifying the availability of company name to having access to all incorporation documents. Not to mention, the pricing is something that makes it on the top of the list of other LLC formation services out there in the run.

Ever since the IncFile came into existence in 2014, it has assisted over 250,000 business owners for forming an LLC. Not only that, the businesses have got the best out of it for the S-Corporation or C-Corporation needs as well. If you are on the lookout for your best LLC service with an intention to filing the legal documents, IncFile would be the best-in-the-industry option for you, especially when you don’t want to spend too much money.

Though the plans of IncFile differ based on what they do for your business requirement, walking through each of them will be our prime duty on this page so that you could eventually firmly decide what the best service for you to form an LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp is. So, if you look forward to seeing whether or not IncFile is the best LLC formation service, read on to figure what exactly it is

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What Does IncFile Do?

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Don’t have any idea what exactly IncFile is all about? Don’t panic – we got you covered. By the end of this highly wide-ranging article, you will feel like a greatly informed person with a detailed overview of what IncFile can do for the smooth running of your business from scratch.

IncFile is a Legal Service Company that provides assistance to customers or clients to build different business entities. They do that with the help of document filing services. Yes, you heard it right – ‘Document filing services’. That is what you are going to get when you think through buying an LLC formation service from IncFile Review.

IncFile Reviews 2019: Is it really worth it?

Do you get overwhelmed when measuring the fine points of an LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp formation service? If might happen – you are not alone. But, for your comfort, we have given a straightforward review that will help you decide why IncFile is the best LLC formation service for you in the market.

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IncFile – Pros. and Cons.

Incfile Pros

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  • Pricing is something that catches the eye of people willing to buy a service online. Since you will be getting LLC service from IncFile online for as low as $49+State Fees, nothing is more reasonably priced at this range for your business than IncFile because other competitors will charge you $30 to $100 for the formation of your LLC.
  • On top of that, the service of a registered agent for the first year (after that, it will be $119/year) will be given for free regardless of which plan you buy – comes with all packages.
  • IncFile has the professionals that will keep you at ease no matter what confusion you have with regard to your business entity. Not only do they support the new clients but also they guide the returning customers because they want every client to receive the first-rate service.
  • Speaking of feedback, there are thousands of positive incfile reviews given for the tip-top service provided by IncFile. Have you got something to ask, don’t just take our word for it – read all incfile reviews and you will be satisfied with the services that IncFile promise to deliver.
  • Okay, we know that it is a great deal when it comes to the pricing, but what about the expertise that IncFile holds? Well, on the subject of experience, we could easily tell you that IncFile has been doing things appropriately and right in accordance with what a client wants. More than 250,000 clients have built their successful businesses having been guided by IncFile.
  • The decision of choosing the IncFile will also allow you to keep track of your documents. With its customer-friendly real-time order tracking tool, you can keep an eye on all of your legal documents.
  • IncFile makes it super easy for any client to navigate through the elegant and clean dashboard. Its well-designed console is something that sets it apart from other LLC formation service providers at review.
  • Whether you hire professionals at IncFile for LLC or for any Corporation viz., S-Corp or C-Corp formation, there may be some questions that you may have regarding incorporating, document filings, creating bylaws or something else. Whatever it is that you are unsure about, you can get business tax consolation with a proficient professional that lasts for an hour – all free of cost.

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  • The order processing time of IncFile is really out of this world. The situation when we faced a little issue was when we tried to reach out to the representative during our trial period. However, as soon as we got in touch with them, they served us with top-level customer support. But this may only happen once it a while – rest of the time, they have been amazing. Additionally, they also provide email support.

IncFile LLC Formation Plans – Pricing Compared

So far we have got our head around the features or facilities that clients are highly likely to receive on the successful purchase of service for LLC formation, let’s dig into Incfile Reviews for comparison over the Plans that you will get different in each package.

Basically, IncFile offers three plans that will help you decide how you would like to start your business: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As the words suggest, these packages have different features based on the total amount they are worth.

Silver Package $49
Gold Package $149
Platinum Package $299

Irrespective of whether you would like to form an LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp, you should be mindful of the following:

•For any of aforesaid business entity, you will need to pay $49 for Silver Package, $149 for Gold Package and $299 will be required for Platinum Package.

•However, if you are starting out with a Non-profit company, the cost for the Silver Package will be $99, $199 for Gold Package and $349 for the ultimate package – Platinum Package.

IncFile LLC Services 2019: Reviews & Ratings

IncFile gets the A+ rating from BBB for its excellent services pertaining to forming an LLC or Corporation for any client. It comes on top when the budget and reliability are considered. So, based on the IncFile Ratings of 2019, is IncFile as impeccable as it appears to be? Let’s find out what our ratings and user ratings depict:

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“IncFile Rating Sum-up”

Highlights Ratings
Value for money 5 out of 5
Service Efficiency 5 out of 5
User-friendliness 5 out of 5
Private & Security 5 out of 5
Transparency 5 out of 5
Comprised Features 5 out of 5
Customer Support 4.2 out of 5

The only place where people seem to have problem with IncFile is the customer support, however, their problem is resolved and most of their questions are answered which determines that they have a good professional service.


No one offers less for more when it comes to LLC formation services. They have professional and courageous staff that will help you in skyrocketing your business creation. Everything was done in an effective and creative way. Simple and powerful service.


Alicia Thompson

Top Positive Review (Most Helpful):


The mere reason why I don’t want to give IncFile the perfect score is that it took some time for the staff to respond to my query. However, they were still able to help me out and answer most of my questions straightforwardly. Perhaps, this could help you determine they lack some customer service but who else can you expect since other challengers are charging for this service.


Eric Cumberbatch

Top Negative Review (Most Helpful):

incfile review


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Who is IncFile Ideal for?

The IncFile is highly likely to be Ideal for the people who are:

• Willing to get the best of the “Lifetime Customer Service Support”.

• In need of a Registered Agent for free (for the first year only).

• Looking for the online tools to manipulate their legal incorporation documents.

• On the lookout for an LLC formation company with A+ grade rating from BBB.

So, is IncFile worth your while? 

Short answer: Yes! After giving you an in-depth, we don’t think that you may have any more queries on whether or not IncFile is the better fit for you. We cannot hesitate to recommend it to those who are looking forward to starting out a business and wishing to run it as smoothly as they can imagine.

​IncFile Alternatives

We regard to forming an LLC from a top-class company, we took IncFile for granted and would do that again if required. Every business-forming company has different rules and regulations for business formation and taking care of legal documents. Hence, they would charge you a different amount of fee. On top of that, some companies offer a free “Registered Agent Service”, while others don’t.

With that in mind, if you don’t find yourself interested in forming an LLC or business using IncFile, you’re always welcome to think through the alternatives. The competitors may not be as reasonably priced as IncFile is, however, you will find them very close to each other in the pricing model range.LegalZoom Reviewslegazoom vs rocketlawyerBiz Filings Swyft Filings ReviewsLegalshield Reviews

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