LegalShield Reviews 2024: LLC Formation (Pros & Cons, Pricing)

Legalshield Reviews

Why pay steep hourly rates for an LLC formation service that will make you burn a hole in your pocket when you can pay a fixed payment for a monthly membership and eradicate the minuses? We are talking about getting a law firm forever. The LegalShield gives you a fully affordable, easily reached, coverage to avail yourself of your business like a pro. Rest assured because forming a business (LLC or Corporation) won’t cost you more like other LLC formation companies do – hire the professionals at LegalShield and always stay out of worries. Based on LegalShield Reviews, we founded some plusses and the minuses about using it so that you can decide before buying legal advice from LegalShield.

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What Does Legalshield Do?

Legalshield Reviews

Originated in 1972, LegalShield (formerly recognized as Pre-Paid Legal) is an American company that provides legal services and products to those businesses that are planning to get started or those already started their journey but want to keep it as smooth as possible. At present, they have more than 4 million verified and satisfied customers and the best thing about LegalShield is that it serves people in all 50 states. So, there is no more going in another state to get your LLC formed. Get legal protection for your business at affordable prices. They have got the plant that will fit in your budget. So, whether you choose ‘Personal Plan’ or ‘Small Business Plan’, you are good to go.

LegalShield Reviews 2019: Is it really worth it?

LegalShield has all types of legal advice for you to get your business started. By getting your business built by LegalShield, you will get a huge list of services offered. With it, you can:

  • Consult experts about general legal matters
  • Ask professionals about special legal issues
  • Review your documents and contracts
  • Get assistance on debts collection
  • Have phone calls or correspondence on behalf of your business
  • Defense services (trial)

Is it all? Not really! There are other services that LegalShield is proud of providing to you. Here’s a quick review of services that they (LegalShield) cover:

  • Landlord-Tenant: You will be provided with legal assistance involving any landlord or tenant agreement.
  • Consumer Finance: Got a dispute or an issue regarding purchase or service that you bought from a company? Handling this one will be their bread and butter!
  • Traffic: Is there any matter about parking citation or moving traffic that is concerning you or you have got to deal with the driving license suspension? Get assistance with all these types of legal matters.
  • Estate Planning: Concerned about taxes and death? You won’t have to be anymore – with LegalShield tiptop assistance on Will, Power of Attorney, Trust and more, you will be able to live up your life.

LegalShield– Pros. and Cons.

legalshield Pros

Legalshield Reviews


  • All plans are reasonably priced taking the needs and the budgets of the clients into consideration. The personal plan of LegalShield starts at $24.95 which won’t break the bank. The additional plans are also affordable.
  • Out of the overall companies we reviewed earlier, we found LegalShield to be the only legal service that offers a home business supplement. The protection of your business, home, families, etc., is what every business needs nowadays. Get an inexpensive supplement for your home business at an additional price of $9.95.
  • LegalShield provides assistance on Debt Collection which is second to none in the entire industry. The debt collection is what most of the small-sized businesses face. The LegalShield will help your business by drafting collection letters on your behalf and keep your business running smooth and make sure that your clients pay you on time.
  • Trial defense services are one of the best services offered by LegalShield that make it out of this world. This is extremely helpful if someone takes your business to court. LegalShield will help you save thousands of dollars and bring down the stress of being sued.
  • If you choose LegalShield, all you get is quality work so that you never have to compromise on excellence. They have attorneys that are having +20 years of experience in the same domain. No matter the legal issues, get the quality that your business needs to grow up.
  • Not everyone has the time to work on their computers – people, with the changing technology, prefer using smartphones or handheld devices. With LegalShield, you won’t have to stress your mind about that as they have Mobile Apps for all iOS, Android and other platforms to meet your preference.
  • When a company has more experienced professionals, it is more likely to handle the work efficiently. LegalShield has the experts holding the expertise of nearly 20 years. Whether it is a car accident or an identity theft, you will get help for every situation.
  • Is there an emergency? Need to talk to experts regarding legal issues of your business? Reach out to the experts at any time you wish. With 24/7 service, it is effortlessly easy to catch up with the representatives to get the resolution to the problem.


  • Unlike other legal formation services, LegalShield does not provide a free trial to the clients. So, if you want to have an idea of how LegalShield works, it may possibly be hard for you.
  • Who wants to pay for the sign-ups? No one! LegalShield is charging their clients $10 when they sign up for the services. The non-refundable fee makes it even a nightmare.
  • Having gone through the LegalShield Reviews given by verified customers, we have found that some clients are talking negatively about the services delivered by LegalShield. But who is the safe side and get 10 out of 10? Hardly, no services. So, people sometimes take things in a negative no matter how good your services are. So, our suggestion is that you should give LegalShield a try, irrespective of what LegalShield Reviews talk about the services or features.

LegalShield Formation Plans – Pricing Compared

Do we know the LegalShield does a pretty good job when it comes to their excellent services, but is it affordable as they promise to be? Let’s find out what they cover in different plans to meet your business needs.

LegalShield is offering three plans for all U.S. based customers (since it is operating in all 50 states) that differ based on the total employees you have in your company.

It goes like this:

Plans Employees Monthly Pricing
Small Biz 10 For 10 employees or fewer $39
Small Biz 50 For 50 employees or fewer $89
Small Biz 100 For 100 employees or fewer $149

LegalShield Pricing – Detailed Analysis

Small Biz 10

  • You will get boundless consultations over the phone (one hour of legal work).
  • Get 3 phone consultations on special legal issues in a year (up to a half hour).
  • Each month, you get 5 debt collection letters
  • 20 letters or calls that you will get every year (up to 6 per month)
  • Get 20 documents reviewed per year (up to 6 each month, <16 pages)
  • Get 25% off on attorney’s hourly rate for getting additional work done in no time

Small biz 50

  • You will get endless phone consultations (1 hour of legal work)
  • You will receive 3 phone consultations getting your special legal issues handled (half-hour calls)
  • Get 30 documents looked over each year (up to 6 in one month,<16 pages)
  • Get 30 letters or calls per year (up to 6 per month)
  • 10 debt collection letters (per month)
  • Receive 25% off on attorney’s hourly rate for handling the additional work

Small Biz 100

  • You will get infinite phone consultations (up to 1 hour of legal work)
  • For special legal issues, get 3 phone consultations per year (half-hour calls)
  • Have your 40 documents brushed up (up to 6 per month, <16 pages)
  • 40 letters or calls each year (up to 6 each month)
  • 15 debt collection letters each month
  • Grab 25% off on attorney’s hourly rate for additional work

These are the plans that you get a fixed price per month for various aforesaid services. However, there are additional plans that we are covering underneath.

Trail Defense Supplement ($9.95 per month):

Get a pre-trial and trial preparation work in you have to protect your business or yourself in court.

Business Formation ($145 + state fee):

For business formation services, you will be charged $145, plus you will need to pay the state filing fee.

Registered Agent:

To get a registered agent, LegalShield will cost you $120 per year.

LegalShield 2019: Reviews & Ratings


“LegalShield will live up to the promise and will fulfill what they assure you with. Their plans are worth the attention of every business owner. Their monthly subscription gave me what I wanted.”


Courtney Taylor

Top Review (Most Helpful):


Jeff Joseph is the name of the agent I was signed by. To me, he has been very knowledgeable and obliging. I got my issue resolved and the experience with her was great. Not only that, she even called me two times a day to make sure I don’t have more questions.


Daniel shmidt

Top Review (Most Helpful):

WE RECOMMEND Legalshield

Legalshield Reviews

LegalShield Alternatives

Did services offered by LegalShield not have your attention? If that’s the case, you may want to consider other best alternatives (apart from LegalShield) that could boost your confidence and help you decide which LLC formation company is going to be a great option for you.

However you could come across several online legal documents companies that would promise you to offer you top-notch services, the thing is that not all of them are going to fulfill what you’re promised.

Still, the news is that our highly professional experts have done the research for you and picked up the best LegalShield alternatives that will make your day. They’re all prominent companies dealing in online legal document services.

Let’s see:

LegalZoom Reviewslegazoom vs rocketlawyerBiz Filings Swyft Filings ReviewsIncFile

Who is LegalShield Ideal for?

Is LegalShield Worth it For Small business?

There are services that only LegalShield provides – and none of its competitors do – like Home Business Supplement, Debt Collection Assistant, and Trial Defense Service. In addition to that, the pricing model offered by LegalShield is an eye-catching factor when looking up the cheapest or a service that is affordable to buy.

LegalShield meets all of those requirements of small business at one place and keep you secure and protected all the time. If you don’t get anything, you can make it easy for yourself by making use of the outstanding services with the help of customer support that is available around the clock.

Final Upshot:

Having reviewed the services personally, we think the LegalShield could not get any better. They make sure that no matter what issue you come across in the entire process, they will be looking out for you. They will give you the identity protection through ‘IDShield’ that is best in class.

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